Free Traffic For Life – The Hot Report Strategy

This strategy will get the free traffic or buyer for your product for life. Your target should be 20,000 people actually waiting and addicted to buy your product. I will show you how to do it in steps below.

1. Create Hot Reports

This strategy is the hot reports strategy. Make a research on a certain topic and write a report every month. You will be selling this report one every month.

2. Install Affiliate Script

You have to setup your domain and web hosting and install an affiliate script to recruit your affiliate. Create new domain and page on every report you created so affiliates can sell them. You can use the script like Rapid Action Profits or $7 Secret.

3. Start Marketing and Selling Your Report.

After all have been setup, focus in the marketing part and analyze the performance. Make any adjustment as needed. Make sure you put every customer into your mailing list automatically.

4. Recruit Each Customer into Affiliate

Recruit each customer into affiliates by offering them 100% commission for the sale. This is the powerful and main part of this strategy. Each affiliate will bring new affiliates into your system. These affiliates will be addicted to sell your reports every month.

5. Push Yourself to the Target of 20,000 People in Your List

Right now in this step you just focus and push yourself to the target. If you have 20,000 people in your list, it is easy to make money every month. Imagine that when you send an email to sell your report to your 20,000 subscriber. Even 2000 only buy your next $12 report that is $24,000 monthly.

The Secrets behind This Tactic

1. Affiliates selling your report for 100% commission will explode your list of proven buyers. The most profitable kind to have.

2. Affiliates bringing in more affiliates. Many buyers will turn into affiliates once they discover in your report that they can easily make 100% commission selling just by sending their URL to their list or placing it on their blog or their sites.

3. Every time you release a new report, you are the first to announce to your list – where the actual bulk of your money is made.

4. Many of the new buyer affiliates are bringing in will go to your main site and buy more if your other report.

5. You will not only have regular buyer on your list; you will have tons of affiliates on it eagerly waiting on your new report – because they know they get to sell it within seconds after they buy it.

6. The whole thing just fit upon itself and grows automatically. Affiliates bring in new buyers. Many of the new buyers become affiliates and also bring in new buyers and so on. Grows like a virus with the side effects being fat pockets.

7. If you have any higher priced backends product you can offer to the list you knock down even bigger profits without efforts.

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