Email Marketing – How to Republish Your High Quality Content

If you are among smart affiliates, you certainly put much effort into writing high quality content. You write a helpful and most profitable blog post in your blog. It is timeless but that it appears in a short time at your homepage because when you write a new post it will disappear and your next prospects or readers will not see it. Readers dislike reading old post although that post benefit most to them. They also don’t like to dig to find the old post.

This is frustrating but fortunately we can figure something else to republish it in different way.

Turn your blog best content into an automated email newsletter.

Make the old content out and fresh again. If subscriber haven’t seen an old post, it is new to them. You can create an autoresponder campaign for your blog in 3 easy steps.

1. Identify your best content

Go through your blog post, decide and select which is the true high quality post and subscribers want to see it.

2. Turn each post or group post into an email

The fastest and easiest way is to copy and paste the full content of your post into and email without making any modification. No introduction, no conclusion, just the post as a standalone email.

You also can paste a compelling excerpt from your article and link to the full post and add an introduction and conclusion to the email. This method encourages click-through but you may find including the full post is better.

If you have to or more good post on a topic, you may write an email that combines the ideas in those posts and links to them in context (you might be doing this with blog post already). Or you can just write a simple introduction and then provide a list of links to your posts on that topic.

3. Put your emails in an autoresponder series

Once you have your emails together, put them into autoresponder. You have to think how much time you want to pass between those messages and schedule it accordingly. Remember, new subscribers will also be getting your new posts, so don’t space the emails too close together.

Lastly, as you create more quality posts, you can continue adding autoresponders or edit your existing one to work those posts into the emails you’ve already created, and even get more clicks and traffic to your affiliate blog.

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